It Never Stops

We are creatures of habit.  A habit is defined as “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”  Fair enough.

So, it would seem then, that habits are learned – perhaps through an ongoing a sequence of behaviors – behaviors ultimately tweaked and tailored as the acts of humanness are refined.  Works of art or depravity – to each their own.

I am not clear on an obvious point – if we can actually “unlearn” something, Setting a TBI aside, what is that all about – the learning process?  Maybe it all comes down to replacing an old habit with a new habit – is that learning and forgetting?  Not sure if that result is a step forward or a step back.  Or, maybe, the result is destined to not move anywhere – a zero sum game in the end.  That’s depressing…

I think I need a candy bar.  I have one right here.  Time to execute.

So, it Begins!

I am looking forward to another wonderful fall semester.  Of course, I sometimes glance backward, but would argue I only look back to refine or recenter my current path.  I never seem to leave any bread crumbs behind – is that a good thing?  Another life conundrum.

As I navigate life, I also wonder if “looking left and right” come into play.  Is it just about forward and backward?

There is a buried life metaphor to be explored, but it escapes me at the moment.  I’ll let it be, for now.

On a Roll

OK, so I am working hard preparing for the onslaught of student summer finals.  I am tired.  I am busy.  And, I am not following some of the common advice I occasionally toss around – toss as in like a bad salad.

I was making note of student performance curves in several classes.  Once again, the data clearly supported a student success metric of interest.  Avoiding grading papers, a practice I have mastered, I begin a quest to tie in student performance to another variable.  I look at the clock – shit.  There went two hours.

Sometimes I wonder if I am qualified to teach students about sound business practices…  At least when it comes to executing on tasks you are trying hard to avoid… But then, I am an expert at it…

So, enough.  I may as well go see what Trump tweeted today…  I am on a roll.