Tax Time

OK, I pay my fair share of taxes, and it is likely most folks do too.  The biggies – Federal, State, Social Security, Medicare, Sales Tax, Property Tax, Gasoline Tax (70+ cents / gallon), and a host of utility / community taxes too many to mention.  It does indeed add up – even in unseen places.

For example, of course, we pay more, much more, for many products due to antiquated economic policy “designed” to “protect us” from a flood of less expensive global goods and services.  Gosh, a big thank you to all of the special interest groups looking out for us consumers!  We do work hard to maximize our buying power by seeking value in the marketplace.  I’ll take another big helping of excessive import taxes / tariffs, thank you!

It is with this frame of reference and understanding that I now begin to complete my tax return.  I am optimistic.  I am rather certain that my hard-earned income will result in a sizable tax obligation.  I am equally certain that my tax contribution will help fund all of the necessary parts of a large complex structure of important government systems and associated civil processes that are the United States of America.

I may be ranting here, but I would not trade for or bet my way of life on some other “system” – nope.  By nearly all measurements, we have it pretty good – and the signs bearing out this reality are everywhere.  You may not have to work long and hard to come to this conclusion, but you do have to work harder and longer to pay the increasing burden of taxation to support the dream.

I know what I want for Christmas this year.  I want Uncle Sam to provide us the ability to allocate our taxes contributions.  No, not all 100% of our tax bills, but how about some nice percentage – say 25%.  Change the Tax Code to provide a checklist of services and programs and their annual cost.  Allow me to designate / target 25% of my taxes to areas that I want to support.  That would be nice.  Not going to happen (except the $3 for presidential runs), which is another whole story.  It worked, but no one uses it anymore.  Do some research about how all that came about – and how it is ending…

OK, Turbo Tax Premium, here I come.