So, it Begins!

I am looking forward to another wonderful fall semester.  Of course, I sometimes glance backward, but would argue I only look back to refine or recenter my current path.  I never seem to leave any bread crumbs behind – is that a good thing?  Another life conundrum.

As I navigate life, I also wonder if “looking left and right” come into play.  Is it just about forward and backward?

There is a buried life metaphor to be explored, but it escapes me at the moment.  I’ll let it be, for now.

Summer is on the Horizon

Seasons change – sometimes more often in bitter climates.  In California, not so much.  Resulting perceived deviance in norms begs the question, just where is the intersection between the interloping congruence of observation versus another’s concrete reality?

Dunno.  Generally don’t care, except for today.

Regarding Time

I am not a whiz at physics.  That stated, I just inherently believe there is a direct relationship between “time” and any life event vying for one’s attention.  I need to work on this.  But then, I need to work on a lot of things…

On a Roll

OK, so I am working hard preparing for the onslaught of student summer finals.  I am tired.  I am busy.  And, I am not following some of the common advice I occasionally toss around – toss as in like a bad salad.

I was making note of student performance curves in several classes.  Once again, the data clearly supported a student success metric of interest.  Avoiding grading papers, a practice I have mastered, I begin a quest to tie in student performance to another variable.  I look at the clock – shit.  There went two hours.

Sometimes I wonder if I am qualified to teach students about sound business practices…  At least when it comes to executing on tasks you are trying hard to avoid… But then, I am an expert at it…

So, enough.  I may as well go see what Trump tweeted today…  I am on a roll.

“Reality” Entertainment?

It is the political season.  And, once again, the script calls for a never ending battle fought on multiple levels.  The political process to elect our next president is propagated by streams of hot air arriving from the usual sources (suspects).  I observe, not too keenly, that youth is playing a larger role in all of this “stuff” – or so it seems.

Of course, what we read, hear, and see is produced by someone with an agenda, hidden or otherwise.  What is clear, talking heads and pundits are all suggesting that “youth” is more engaged and interested than usual.  This speculation borders on the perverse but is, nonetheless, of personal interest insomuch as I am around young folks nearly every working day.  I refer to them as students, but I love them like family.

So I ask them about the presidential election.  And, most confirm the notion that this political season has peaked their interest.  When asked why, student answers vary a bit.  But, when aggragated and rolled up into a neat pile of personal selective perception on my part – my generic thesis is confirmed.

It is all about entertainment.  And, they are right.  I love them so.


It is hot.  Summer is, officially, just around the corner.  Planning is ever-present, and potential summer fun is showing progress, unlike the presidential primary process.  Geez.